Adventurous Engagement Session | Brecht & Lisa

30 March 2021

An adventurous engagement session at an atypical location.

Brecht and Lisa are getting married in August. I could already write a full blogpost about their unique wedding location, but I’ll keep that for later. First, I want to tell you all about their engagement session!

This couple from Grimbergen (1850 represent!) contacted me a few months ago after they had seen me working at a friends wedding. During our first meeting, we discovered the bride and I went to the same high school so we instantly had plenty of hilarious stuff to gossip about.

When we finished talking about our daily bus rides to school, Brecht and Lisa asked for more info about an engagement session. I couldn’t really hide my enthusiasm, since engagement shoots are (in my humble opinion) the best way to get to know the couple even better in a relax and spontaneous way. Also, the couple gets the opportunity to already get used to my big-ass camera AND they receive memorable photos of the two of them without a wedding dress or costume in sight. Win-win-win, right?

The excitement was real when Lisa asked if she could suggest a shoot location herself. “If I felt like going to a cooling tower-site where they had access to thanks to Brecht’s uncle?” EHHHH… YES?!!

On the day of the engagement session, the three of us gave our all. It was such a special experience! Little did I know that it would be my last shoot of 2020 (thank you, Corona). “Going out with a bang”, as they say. I really hope Lisa and Brecht are as happy with the result als I am!


Are you interested in doing an engagement session with me? Let me know! Couples who hire me to shoot their wedding day get a nice discount on their engagement session! 

Please note that the location in the pictures is private terrain and therefore not freely accessible.