Dear vendor,

mountain wedding Switzerland

We worked together on the same wedding! Yay! And if all is well, the photos from that wedding are online by now.

Have you seen photos of yourself in action? Or of your (beautiful, no doubt) creations? Awesome! If the couple agrees, you may use these photos as well.

Because I know that copyrights are something very complex and because I also don't expect everyone to know everything about them, I've listed some dos and don'ts for you below to avoid any misunderstandings.

It's not allowed to edit the photos any further. This means: no use of your own color filters, no cropping, no conversion into black and white,... The post-processing of my photos is part of my identity as a photographer - so, please, leave all that hard work to me :-)


Feel free to share the photos on your own social media / website / blog, just make sure I get proper credits.

- On Facebook you can link to @Kaat DM Photography or

- On Instagram you can mention @kaatdm in the text below the photo (note: a tag in a photo is not a credit)

- On your website you can refer to

- For other online media, you can also link to


For printed images (posters, brochures, publications, etc.) or for third party use other conditions apply. Please, reach out to me directly at


Got any questions about this? Let me know!

Thank you for making it a memorable day together. I truly hope we'll be able to work together again in the future!