Last-minute Elopement | Matthias & Yana

17 January 2021
Matthias & Yana | March 2020

Matthias and Yana met during their first week at the KASK School of Arts. For Matthias it was love at first sight and he decided that the best way to get Yana’s attention was to ask if he could touch her shoes. Yes, to touch her shoes. You read that right. That’s quite the conversation starter if you ask me. So when Yana didn’t run away screaming that some creep wanted to touch her shoes, Matthias knew he had found “the one”.

A few years later they decided to get married. Their big day was supposed to take place in Vooruit Arts Centre in our hometown, Ghent. Not a traditional party, no white dress. They wanted an intimate ceremony with their family and close friends to celebrate their love, followed by good food and lots of drinks. Can you imagine how honored and excited I was to be a part of their special day at this unique location?!

Unfortunately, a week before their wedding date, the Belgian government closed all bars, restaurants and event locations due to the rising numbers of coronavirus infections. So we had to come up with a new plan. Matthias and Yana stayed positive and down-to-earth during this whole process. (And I was like: “aren’t you supposed to have a mental breakdown?!”)

Anyhow, during our first meeting a few months before I had told them about the concept of an elopement. M&Y didn’t feel comfortable about expressing their feelings and spilling their heart out in front of everyone during their ceremony. So, giving an elopement as an example, I told them they could share their vows anywhere they wanted: in bed after waking up, during breakfast, before the ceremony, during our one-on-one photoshoot,…

And apparently I planted a seed that sprouted on the day The Big Rona decided to crash the party. We had a quick phone call, I suggested a few locations, we sent a few messages back and forth. And suddenly we had a new plan! A last-minute elopement plan! I had an unforgettable day third-wheeling this amazing couple on their little adventure and I genuinely can’t wait to celebrate their so-called ‘Whatever Party’ as soon as The C allows us to.


The Vendors aka #TeamAwesome

Location: Viroinval, Belgium | Dress: Eva Janssens | Costume: Café Costume | Rings: Designed by Yana’s grandfather, Raf Verjans; made by reusing old gold from their grandparents’ jewelry | Make-up: Evelush | Flowers: bought at Thomas, put together by Yana’s mom | Vow books: handmade by Yana herself